Waldrop Oil Company

Waldrop Oil Company is a family owned and operated petroleum distributor in Eastern Oregon.  We deliver Bulk Fuel to La Grande, OR and surrounding areas within the valley.  We provide all grades of gasoline, diesel fuel & heating oil for delivery.  We also provide a wide variety of oil products, lubricants, and additives.

Products & Services:

  • Bulk Fuel For Deliveries
    • Gasoline
      • Conventional Premium Gas (Non-Ethanol, 91 Octane)
      • E-10 Gas (10% Ethanol, all grades)
    • Diesel Fuel
      • Low-Sulfur Diesel
      • Off-Road Diesel (dyed)
    • Heating Oil
      • Furnace Oil
        • Winterized & Non Winterized
      • Stove Oil
    • Waldrop Oil Bulk Delivery/Home Heating Delivery Application
      • Products
        • We provide a variety of different weights/grades/sizes for the following products.
      • Exxon/Mobil Products -
        • Motor Oil
        • Gear Oil (synthetic also available)
        • Grease (synthetic also available)
        • Gear Lube
        • Hydraulic Oil
        • Transmission Fluid
      • Chevron Products
        • Motor Oil
        • Hydraulic Oil
        • Gear Oil
        • Grease
        • Shingle Oil
        • Turbine Oil
        • Transmission Fluid
      • Other Products
        • Bar Oil
        • Anti-Freeze
        • Cleaning Solvent
        • Kerosene
        • Additive
    • We are able to special order any product that we do not normally keep in stock.
    • Please call for additional information on any of our products
  • Commercial Fueling through Pacific Pride


  • Credit and Debit Cards Accepted



Office Hours:    

7:00 AM-5:00 PM

Phone:  (541) 963-8461

Office Address:
10102 N McAlister
La Grande, OR  97850
Mailing Address:
PO Box 3298
La Grande, OR  97850

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